Public Domain Diagrams

Brain-shaped silhouette in cellular automata patterns.

This page is a collection of images and diagrams I’ve made to illustrate various machine learning topics. The images on this page are all released into the public domain unless otherwise noted, so feel free to use them in your own projects. Credit is appreciated but not required.


Illustation of dot-product attention.

Example of attention used on the edges of a graph. png

Illustation of attention encoder layer.

Deep Learning

Illustration of the role of model and dataset size in deep learning.

Convolution. png

Cartoon of translation invariance in convolution.

Convolution as element-wise multiplication in the Fourier domain. png

Shallow multilayer perceptron.

Illustation of “deep double descent.”

Overfitting. png

Graphs and Graph Neural Networks

A graph and its adjacency matrix. png

Arranging graph convolutions as matrix multiplication. png


Illustation of a switch encoder layer. png

Illustation of dot-product attention, used in transformers. png